St Mark’s formerly known as Mount Pleasant Congregational Church [the ‘Church with a spire’ as it was known] was built in 1879 and because it was set upon a hill became a useful navigational landmark for the local fishing fleet. Seating was for 500 people and the fellowship flourished with many activities for the large congregation of young and old. However, this large steepled Church and its halls were severely damaged from bombs dropped nearby during the Second World War which, although repaired by the War Damage Commission, needed continual repair work.

So in 1970, the decision was made to pull down the old Church and in its place erect a block of 47 flats, the agreement being that underneath would be built a sanctuary seating 80 and two halls each with kitchen and toilet facilities.

Hence in 1975, St Mark’s United Reformed Church was established, following the coming together of mainly Congregational and Presbyterian Churches in 1972 to form the URC denomination.

Here is a photo gallery showing some pictures taken from a newspaper article written in 1913
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